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Legal support in compensation and benefits package

How does it work


You choose a package with a set of legal services suitable for your employees and enter into an agreement with us


Your employees get access to My Intercomp portal with a knowledge base through a user account


If necessary, your employees can call a hotline or send requests through a user account


Our lawyers prepare answers, documents and recommendations based on applicable laws and regional court practice


Your employees focus on work while professionals solve their problems


This is win-win solution for both employers and employees

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What do employees get

Written legal advice

Preparation of legal documents: complaints, draft contracts, claims, lawsuits

Immediate legal assistance by phone

24-hour hotline — legal support to employees and their family members when needed

Legal knowledge base

Articles with recommendations on how to legally and competently act in different life situations as well as statement, complaint and claim templates

What do employers get


This benefit is still very new in the corporate market, an innovative tool thanks to which your employees, partners and investors will appreciate your progressive approach.

High productivity and employee loyalty

Employees can focus on work instead of seeking legal advice and feel their employer’s constant support, helping them resolving their personal issues.

Strong HR brand

Offering legal support is a new practice in the Russian labor market so it helps singling out employers among competitors. Offering this benefit also helps attracting the best candidates while reducing staff turnover.

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On which areas of law can I get advice?

We provide advice on 10 areas of law: housing, family, administrative, inheritance, land, tax, migration law, loans and debts, housing and utilities as well as protection of consumer rights. Please note that labor law, business and criminal law are not among the legal support services we provide to employees.

How many times can we request legal advice?
What to do if all assigned consultations are used up but legal advice is still needed?
Can different packages of services be assigned to different employee categories?
How is the confidentiality of requests secured?
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